Buying & Selling a Business

Our aim is to make the process of buying or selling a business as easy as possible, minimising disruption to an existing company and aiming to maximize your return. We will complete Due Diligence enquiries, draft sale agreements, deal with employment tax issues – everything necessary for a swift handover.

Eldridges commercial solicitors have helped many businesses to achieve a successful transfer with services such as:

- Structuring the Transaction
- Due Diligence
- Preliminary Heads of Agreement
- Terms of Sale
- Transfer of Undertakings and TUPE
- Intellectual Property
- Sale or Purchase of Premises

Meet the team

Our Team specialise in a number of different areas. Below are members of our team who specialise in this area. To see how we can help you please give a team member a call or alternatively you can email a member of the team and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Laura Rhodes B.A. Chichester

Secretary: Paula Griffiths


Tel: 01983 524741